Myrrini Villa basks in endless sunshine while it offers wonderful views of the village countryside, the colourful ploys of the Greek sky and the rich garden that is populated with a mixture of local flora, ready to provide you with astonishing visuals in a lavish environment.

Combining traditional elements such as stone and wood, with the modern touches of design, this villa will enthuse you with its clever, sunlit interiors, and its superb, outdoor functional deck that surrounds an azure 35m2 swimming pool.

At the entrance of the Asteri village, 14 km east of Rethymno and 3 km from the beach, you’ll discover our sensational, Myrrini Villa. The split-level exterior centres around the gorgeous swimming pool with its children’s section, fitted with a wooden deck and surrounded by evergreen cypress and olive trees as well as fragrant orange trees. Myrrini Villa’s interiors are characterised by finesse; boasting impressive wooden ceilings with exposed beams, and wooden french doors leading to the outdoors, Myrrini Villa exudes a tantalising sense of traveling through time.

Elements of old craftsmanship combined with luxe details make Myrrini Villa the ideal choice for an unforgettable Cretan holiday! Adults and children alike will love this drenched-in-sun villa that will provide hours of fun by the pool and beyond. Sun bathe, swim or arrange a BBQ and lose track of how the days go by. Top this with the astonishing panoramic views enjoyed from the sun terrace, and there you have it. Simply exquisite...

  • up to 6
  • 3
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