This is Crete. The mother of the king of the ancient Greek Gods as it has been relayed, that deep in the bosom of the imposing White Mountains, the mighty Zeus was born. Crete is also where the indigenous Minoan civilisation prospered, and until today proudly displays its grandeur of the golden days of the past.

A nucleus of cultural diversity since the ancient times, Crete has an undeniable charm that has been amplified over the eras. With more than 7000 years of recorded history, Crete’s culture has been shaped through a series of historic events spanning across many centuries.

From the classical and Hellenistic period to the Roman occupation, giving way to the Byzantine era that paved the way for the Modern Greek civilisation. The Venetian conquests left their architectural influence overtly evident, while the Ottoman rule of the 19th century also left its religious remnants behind.