Crete: an island with steep mountains, wild beaches, olive groves, vineyards, waters, ancient plane trees, nutritious greens and an endless sky that changes colors, gets wild or calm, a sky that embraces both the stars and the ever shining sun.

The rich history of Crete, that has left its everlasting marks both in the region and the culture of its people, couldn’t do otherwise but affect the dietary habits of the Cretan people. Cretan nutrition, isn’t just about plates laid on a table, but embellishes a whole philosophy of life. It refers to the lifestyle of the Cretan people, according to which, food is a part of culture.

The products that the land of Crete offers, such as olive-oil, wheat, honey, wine, various greens and herbs that most of them grow only in Crete and the variety of cheese products, are the basis of the Cretan Cuisine. Cretan nutrition, according to long- term scientific research proves its healthy quality and nutritional value.

Make your holidays unforgettable. Discover the authentic colors and taste of the local products and food that you will either cook by yourself or taste in the various taverns of the inland…